VXG - Low Video Latency for Drones

VXG SDK for robotics

Video Latency: the delay of realtime video transfer.

Video latency does not sound like something someone wants when flying their shiny, new $10,000 drone a thousand feet in the air, does it?

VXG offers a robust SDK which can produce a video latency of 100-300 milliseconds.

“Companies are amazed after testing our SDK. They’re telling me they’ve gotten used to their 2-3 seconds of video latency and didn’t realize they could get it so much lower,” Robert MacMillan of VXG explains.

With the massive emergence of drones and robotic automation, companies are looking for the lowest possible latency, something Robert is confident VXG provides.

“There is no way an open source platform can beat our latency times. Our team of technology experts has been working with our software long enough to have mastered low latency. We provide engineering support to be sure our software is being properly optimized.”

Check their website for a free SDK trial.

Who are VXG?
VXG has been licensing software for over 10 years and is currently ranked #1 when searching for RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Their SDK has been used in hundreds of robotics apps with millions of end users.

Source: VXG Inc.


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