VXG Introduces the Live Streaming Video Platform

Video social media

VXG Inc have announced recently their latest software development — a live streaming and encoding cloud PaaS to build video social media platform on, which has Android, iOS and desktop support.

Robert MacMillan, Head of Sales at VXG enlightens us. “Startup companies who are making live video broadcasting apps like Periscope are emailing and calling us daily. We’ve helped develop some really innovative ideas into reality.” Robert continues. “We provide companies with our cloud video SDKs and APIs, that can be used as the backbone of your app. Our engineers provide full support for integration and are constantly updating our software to keep up with the ever-changing tech world.”

VXG became known in the live streaming world from their Android RTSP, IPTV and VXG Player apps — they boast millions of downloads on these apps.

Robert seems to be excited about their new software. “We’ve been working in the surveillance industry for quite a while. It’s been a fun ride for our team and I to start using our software for new and exciting social media apps.”

Contact Robert for a free trial at Robert@vxg.ca or 1 866 416 0159 ex.102.

Source: VXG Inc.