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With the massive emergence of Live video from Facebook, Instagram and Youtube users, there’s a clear demand for Live video applications. VXG Inc, formally Video Experts Group, offers a Cloud Video Platform – a solution for Live streaming with literal unlimited scalability. They’re currently working with hundreds of developers who are trying to make the next Snapchat or Periscope.

VXG has their sights beyond just social media.

“We’re using our software for way more than just typical social media, I’ll give a few examples: A drone company could have a single camera from a drone live streamed to thousands of viewers,” says co-founder, Konstantin Ryashentsev. “A security company could have 5 thousand cameras compile all their footage into one storage,” explains Konstantin. “The best thing about the Cloud Video Platform is the unlimited scalability and infinite storage.”

Who are these companies VXG works with and why haven’t we heard of VXG Cloud Video Platform before?

“The platform is totally white-labelled. We provide the software and support, but our name doesn’t appear anywhere on the end product,” responds Konstantin.

But VXG is a very big name when it comes to video technology. VXG made their name in mobile video licensing VXG Video Player SDK that is now used in hundreds of mobile video apps with tens of millions of end users. 

For more information about VXG contact expert@videoexpertsgroup.com or call +1-866-416-0159

Source: VXG Inc.


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