Video Experts Group Introduces Video Streaming Modules

Video Experts Group or VXG is a leading video technology company licensing modules for video streaming, video capture and video playback. VXG Modules are core parts of many well-known and high volume products on the market, including IP cameras, DVRs, STBs and video broadcasting servers. Initially being focused on Embedded devices, VXG extended its offering into Mobile space and more recently into the Cloud technologies. Whether a client requires specific functionality or a complete solution, VXG can quickly develop a prototype, product or service using market proven Video Streaming Modules as building blocks.

The Video Streaming Modules are divided into 3 main categories: Streaming, Capture and Playback.

  • The Streaming modules are the core for Live and VOD streaming. Highly portable and scalable, optimized for various platforms, they support all main streaming formats including RTSP, RTMP and HLS.
  • The Capture modules are focused on acquiring video from Android and iOS phone cameras, PC and Mac screens, collecting video from network sources such as IP cameras and streaming the video data in a standard format.
  • The Playback modules play all major formats including RTSP, RTMP and HLS on Android and iOS devices, as well as in selected PC and Mac browsers. VXG Android and iOS apps alone have more than 2M users, and with hundreds of commercial applications on the market that use the Playback modules, the total number of users counts in tens of millions.

The Video Streaming Modules are building blocks of a huge variety of products and service across multiple industries such as Video Surveillance, Video Broadcast, Education and Social Networks. VXG can help with fast prototyping as well as suggesting the best architecture for commercial applications and services.

In addition, what makes the modules even more demanded, it is that VXG offers a Video Cloud Platform – a combination of Video Streaming Modules and Cloud technologies. This combination allows building highly scalable and flexible solutions that utilize the robustness of market proven video technology and the power of the Cloud.

You can get more details and request modules for evaluation on Video Experts Group website

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